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CoolBrians Investing + Trading Pack ?

1. Choose the PACKAGE you want - If u need any assistance call us at +919239176426

Pack A - CoolBrains Traders Pack

**All Trades will be in Futures and Options Segment ( Option buying is avoided )

**We trade 1-3 times in a Month - All Trades are Positional.

**Trading with us u shall learn Capital Management, Patience & Strategies if a trade goes against you.

**Patience & Conviction is very essential for Positional Trades. We are happy to hold till it rewards us, positional trade can go on for 2 days or 20 days or 2 months.

** All Positional Trades updates will be sent via email + sms.

**We do not Gamble with our Money.

**Capital Needed Approx 3-4 Lacs for 1 lot trade ** [ Its advisable to call us at 09239176426 to understand our Capital Management Requirements, we don't prefer traders with less and limited capital or traders going through financial crisis, trading is not all advisable with borrowed money ]
** Join us only if you are mature enough to understand the risk associated with financial markets. As a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor its my responsibility to make sure you read the Disclaimer Here before you wish to join our team. [ Click to read the Disclaimer ]

** We are not  Magicians who will make your Rich Overnight / We never Promise or Guarantee any Unreasonable returns in stock market, we are just a team of hardworking individuals who are sincere , committed and authentic in our research and approach to trading and investing in Indian Stock Markets. [ Click to read the Disclaimer ]

You can now make your payment Online though Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking to be a Part of SOKHI TEAM Traders Pack:
Trader's Pack - Rs 22,000 for 3 months - ( Click Here - to make the Payment through Credits / Debit Card or Netbanking )
Trader's Pack - Rs 32,000 for 6 months - ( Click Here - to make the Payment through Credits / Debit Card or Netbanking )
Pack B - Investors Packs / CoolBrains Hidden Gem ( Rs 15,000 for 12 months )

**Sokhi Hidden Gem is for Investors who want to Create Long Term Wealth by investing in High Growth Stocks which are Cash rich companies + Low EV/Ebit multiples + Monopoly businesses + Zero Debt + Good Revenue & Profit Growth + Increasing Margins.

**Expect 15  to 20 Stock Ideas / Investment Opportunities in 12 months.

**All Updates shall be sent to your registered Email + Sms

** Capital Requirements - Depends on the Clients. ( Suppose you want to invest 1 lac to build you long term portfolio. You should allocate no more than 10-15% in each Investment / Stock Idea we share with you.

You can now make your payment Online though Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking to be a Part of CoolBrains Hidden Gem Pack :
Investor Pack - Rs 15,000 for 12 months - ( Click Here - to make the Payment through Credits / Debit Card or Netbanking )

2. Deposit Cash / Cheque / DD / Online Transfer to this

Current A/C No : 694705500135
IFSC Code: icic0006947
Chowranghee Branch, Kolkata


** For Cash Deposit Please Add Extra Rs 150

3. After Deposit Email us at or Call us at +919239176426

Email us your CITY, Name, Mobile Number and Mode of Payment.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to CoolBrains - Investor + Traders Pack :

1. If you want to learn all that need to become a Professional Trader, you must subscribe to Sokhi Team.

2. If you want to learn a systematic process to minimize Trading mistakes by conducting the right behavior and picking up the right Trades, you must subscribe to Sokhi Team.

3. If you want to test your trading learning at each stage by participating in exercises and discussions with fellow Traders, you must subscribe to Sokhi Team.

4. If you want to receive the learning's from hundreds of amazing books written by or on the investing styles of Warren Buffet, Jesse Livermore, Andrew Abraham, Jack D. Schwager but don’t have the time to do it on your own, you must subscribe to Sokhi Team.

5. If you have misbehaved as an Trader in the past and now need a systematic way to remove as many biases as possible while making your trading decisions, and also to “think clearly”, you must subscribe to Sokhi Team.

But don’t just believe me ! Here is what existing Members has to say about their Investing + Trading Experience with CoolBrains :

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear sir...i want you joint with your life time service , i have already sokhi members...i was join in 29 December 2016 for three months subtractions these are completed on 29th February 2016..therefor I want join with you life time service so pls tell me the process....Regards Yogendra Koli 976985XXXX ]

** Click here to Enlarge
[ Hello Sokhi Sir, Really want to appreciate your call on Amaraja Batteries bought at 823 and sold at 865 at amazing profit of Rs 24000 & I really appreciate that you keep on sending updates regularly on companies like Amaraja and sun pharma and we have seen the reversal. Really appreciate your effort and guidance.Thank you once again for the brilliant start for new year :) And I'm really happy to be a part of Your team..Regards Siddharth Thapar..Sent from my iPhone ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sokhi Sir, I am a member of Sokhi Team since 05/12/2015 for 6 months subscription. Since my joining all our calls are very fantastic & profitable. i am very very lucky & blessed having our membership & i want to convert it into lifetime membership....So, kindly let me know, how much should i need to pay to convert my current subscription into lifetime membership...awaiting your favorable reply sir, Thanks a Lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deepak Wagh (Nashik, Maharashtra) M.No. 0937XXXXXX ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Sir, I joined Sokhi Team as a life time member last December after losing around 4 lakhs in Stock Markets. After that I decided to follow strictly with your words and traded with you. Both Amaron batteries and Nifty short option trade(2 lots) made a profit of around 31000 within 3 months now. I never earned this money in share market in past. Really happy and blessed to be the part of your team. our confidence,patience,strategy and conviction are making good money in markets...A Big thank you to you and your team and also I am super confident that I will recover my losses which I had made in past....Thanks and Regards, Alagappan +91-98453XXXXX ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Mr.Singh..I am a member of Sokhi Team and taken membership for 6 month service of STOCK Future AND I would like to thank you for your focus and quality services to the clients...I would like to convert into to life time membership...Kindly let me know, how much should i need to pay to convert into life time membership ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello sir..This is yashwant from mumbai..i joined sokhi team recently...i started making profits as per your suggestions...this is really amazing...i never seen such profits in my life...i would like to join our team as a life time member....pls suggest how much contribution i need to transfer...pls give some concession in fees as i have made huge losses in market recently...thanks.]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir I have joined 2 months back and now completely satisfied from the guidance you providing for playing stock markets your way of trading is simple but with strong discipline and without over Trading so I have decided to convert my half yearly membership to life team membership November for 6 months now I want to convert the same to life time membership. Please confirm me that I have to pay full 35 k or I can upgrade the same by paying remaining 20 k..Regards..Anurag Saini..Roorkee ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, I am a proud Life Time Member of Sokhi Team since July 2015 and am presently sitting on a HUGE PROFIT which I have made since joining. I will shortly send a Video Clipping on the profits I had made with your guidance since July 2015...Thanks a lot sir…….. Full credit goes to You and your committed team.What you have shown all the times is that ….. whether market is up or down not to lose hope and confidence “ PATIENCE” always pays ultimately not only in the Stock markets and also in our life...I pray the almighty to bless you and your entire family with health and prosperity....With kind regards ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sirji, I have paid the fees and glad to take your lifetime membership...I have covered entire fees in 3 trades & learnt the trick of the trade I.e., Patience, conviction and most importantly to manage the capital..I'm into this industry for almost 12 years and nobody has taught these simple tricks of the trade and the way u guide us is awesome...The most important thing which I wanted to share that you always available and replied to all emails which I have marked you. YOu must be getting so many emails on daily basis but still u manage to reply to all...Hats of to you Sirji :) ..Glad to be a part of Sokhi Team and to learn and trade under your mentorship...All the best ! Cheers !! Siddharth Thapar..99991XXXX..Sent from my iPhone ]



**We do not believe in INTRADAY TRADING - you will always be a looser in INTRADAY TRADES (this is what u were doing I guess)
**Normally all Tips Provider send 2-5 tips in a day but don't not trade themselves. CoolBrains is team of real trades, hence we give step by step guidance to all clients. All trades are positional
**We aim in getting only 4 - 6 % returns per month on capital invested - which is very easy n realistic.
**We trade only 1 - 3  times in a month - which gives us high accuracy and also saves brokerage.
** If u have any query call me back on +919239176426

Also see these 10 videos if u want to trade the Right Way with HIGH ACCURACY-

Video 1 : [Secret of Traders who always survive and make money in Stock Markets]
Video 2 : [Learn to trade yourself and Be expert trader in few minutes]
Video 3 :[Learn to Draw Trendlines and Trade like Professional with RSI and Stochastic Strategy]
Video 4 : [What is Divergence how you can apply it to your trades]
Video 5 : [ Secret Trendlines Strategy, how you make money in 9/10 trades, how I made 40,000 in few minutes]
Video 6 : [ Golden Rules on Indian Stock Market ]
Video 7 : [ Check our Team Accuracy, Trade with no FEAR ]
Video 8 : [ Always Trade with a PLAN]
Video 9 : [ Trade Intraday with 90% Accuracy, which is best to buy/sell a stock intraday]
Video 10 : [ When to Buy a Stock for Position Trades with 90% accuracy ]

Do Note I am not Committing you any HUGE GAINS or UNREALISTIC GAINS (Like other do)

ALWAYS KEEP  A REALISTIC APPROACH if u want to SURVIVE and GAINS in STOCKS (You probably went for HUGE gains Hence incurred Loss)

If u have any query call me back on +919239176426
“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”

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